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Mod WhatsApp PLUS v1.83

Changelog v1 (28/04/2012)
- Save, Restore and Share preferences options added (More testing is needed. Report your results)
- Links updated: added xda and htcmania (spanish) threads to links
- 'PLUS theme' option added. Change icons and images distribution to make WhatsApp more functional
- Chat Bubbles color now can be changed 
- Stock round chat bubbles can be changed to square ones
- Headers color option added too (for Chats, Contacts and Conversation screens)
- Other some minor changes

Changelog v1.1 (2/05/2012)
- Fixed FC when applying 'PLUS theme' mod and background wasn't the default one
- Fixed permanent black color for group name when sharing

Changelog v1.2 (11/05/2012)
- Updated to last web version: 2.7.7533
- Added option to discard annoying update message when opening WhatsApp (for the ones who suffer of it)
- "online", "typing" and "last seen..." MODs are back 
- Added transparency control for bubbles in Chat screen
- Added color mod for status icons in Chat screen (clock, check and double-check icons)
- Now inside Conversation Colors, Header and Chat MODs sepparated for a better comprehension

Changelog v1.3 (14/05/2012)
- Added option to change date divider color
- Option to set text entry color also included
- Improved errors control when Saving/Restoring preferences 
- Added "Clear Preferences" option
- Now if a mod is not enabled, its color picker will be disabled 
- In HoLo version, chat screen theme set to Holo for ROMs running ICS (text entry will be is blue)

Changelog v1.4 (21/05/2012)
- New color picker widget. More functional, adding RGB y HEX entries. Also includes a recent colors list 
- Color picker for send button added
- 6 different colors available now for notification icon√≥n ( not possible to set its color using color picker) 
- You can go back to old color picker widget. Option added in "Other MODs"
- In HoLo version, option to set default header size in Chat Screen, better for small screens (also changes send button to stock) 
- Botton background color mod in chat screen added
- Text entry background color mod added (not for ICS ROMs as this mod as no effect at all)
- Some options disabled for HoLo version as are not needed
- Added toast message informing when WhatsApp has to be rebooted in order to see the changes
- Also informs when default background has to be set to see changes in chat screen

Changelog v1.5 (25/05/2012)
- Updated to last web version: 2.7.8324
- White Glow in "Chats" and "Contacts" screen acts different. Now that glow will get the same color the header has
- v1.51 fixes FC when updating contacts and FC when applying "Chat Scren MOD" with HoLo version
- Minor changes I can't remember now :P

Changelog v1.6 (15/06/2012)
- Updated to last web version: 2.7.9033 (new option added, check Settings/Notifications/Vibrate)
- Added option to check if there is a WhatsApp PLUS update. If there is, you can download and install it
- Size MOD added to change contacts photo size 
- MOD to delete rounded corners for contacts photos
- More colors added to notifybar icon MOD (orange, cyan, magenta, purple and turquoise)
- Added MOD to select between 4 different bubbles (more to come)
- MOD for Emoji view. By default it fits screen. If MOD checked, size set to default (you will experience a lag when opening in full screen) 
- Added option to change contacts/groups avatar without photo. By default is dark, you can change it to light (nice for dark themes)
- MOD to set bold text for contacts names
- Added Russian translation (Thanks to ali.gamidov  )
- Other minor changes I can't remember :P

Changelog v1.65 (15/06/2012)
- Some minor bugs I found after publish v1.6 solved

Changelog v1.7 (20/06/2012)
- JOYN and SMS bubbles added
- Added selection when pressing in chat rows
- Added improved Emoji Size Mod, now with seek bar (go to PLUS/Chat/Chat) 
- Send Icon MOD (choose stock or HoLo icon) (go to PLUS/Other MODs)
- Chat Header size MOD added
- Added Row Size MOD for Chats and Contacts screens
- Check option to fix photo size same as row size
- Chat Text and Date Size MOD (go to PLUS/Chat/Chat/)
- Added Color picker for Share Icons and Share Background
- Text alignment as stock WhatsApp in Chat screen
- Fixed this issue related to photo size mod
- Contact Name Color restored properly when is not online in chat screen
- Weird lines in bubbles fixed
- Updates checker improved

Changelog v1.71 (21/06/2012)
- Added German translation (thanks to Iked)
- Some minor bugs fixed

Changelog v1.72 (22/06/2012)
- Added option to check WhatsApp PLUS Changelog
- SD/Internal Memory detection improved, trying to fix upgrade downloads issues
- "version" string deleted from German translation. More strings translated too
- "version" string deleted from Russian translation
- Padding between Contact name and date fixed in Chats/Main screen

Changelog v1.80 (29/06/2012)
- Updated to last web version: 2.7.9819 (default wallpaper option and auto-download images option added)
- More details to come

Changelog v1.82 (02/07/2012)
- Default value for emoticons windows adjsuted
- Bubbles images from v1.7 are back
- German translation recovered
- Now is possible to select normal or big notifybar icon (WhatsApp ICS standard)
- Added text size MOD for Name, Date and Message in Main/Chats Screen
- Added text size MOD for Name and Status in Chat screen
- Added text size MOD for Group Name and Group Participants in Chat screen
- Deleted margin_top for emoticons window to make use of full screen

Changelog v1.83 (05/07/2012)
- "version" string deleted from German translation (fixes bug of wrong version shown, only for german users)

Remember to previously uninstall whatsapp if you come from the official version (if not you will get the "not installed" error)

Download Here

Thanks to XDA developer

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